Financial donations for the Ukrainian crisis

The Ukrainian population is deprived of water and electricity, and the very limited telephone network makes contact with families almost impossible. The people are fleeing and the number of refugees is constantly rising.

The French Red Cross is launching an appeal for donations in support of the Ukrainian population, in coordination with all operators of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries.

Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to respond in an agile way to the humanitarian needs on the ground, to help all the people affected by this crisis and to implement long-term actions, in order to provide support and rebuild. Make a donation!


Donations in kind 

Do you want to send essential goods to Ukraine or neighbouring countries?

Please note that donations in kind are not accepted.

The French Red Cross favours financial donations that will allow it to optimally adapt its response in the field as well as in neighbouring countries. In-kind donations also involve financial costs related to logistical management and transport, with no real added value if the needs are not certain. In addition, it is not possible to deliver donations to Ukraine because of the fighting, and the National Societies involved are already overloaded with in-kind donations.

In most cases, in-kind donations are destroyed because they do not meet the needs and habits of the affected populations. These logistical constraints entail a significant cost. In this context, local purchases are favoured.

You can still contribute to the usual food and clothing collections.

In this case, please contact the charities in your area. We advise you to call them in advance to check their opening hours and their precise needs. 

These donations will contribute to helping all the at-risk people in your area. Here are several charities to contact: French Red Cross, Restos du Cœur, Secours Populaire and Secours Catholique.

As regards clothing aid, you can also donate your clothes at the collection points which are open 24/7.

Medicine donations are not accepted.

Medicines are regulated products and the responsibility to export them cannot be taken by the French Red Cross when the traceability of the products cannot be guaranteed. It is a matter of ensuring patient safety. The medicines needed to respond to the crisis can be purchased by the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement directly from official suppliers through donations.