I want to become a French Red Cross volunteer in my town

Go to the Red Cross Volunteering website to find out about volunteering opportunities near you.
You can also contact our teams near you directly

I want to set up a support project for people who have fled Ukraine

If you want to set up a support project for people who have fled Ukraine, you can get in touch with the French Red Cross and its special call for projects “Ukrainian Crisis”.

As a part of the Red Cross Initiatives program, a support program for taking solidarity initiatives open to all, the French Red Cross has launched a special “Ukrainian Crisis” call for projects to support you in carrying out your projects in support of people who have fled Ukraine.

To submit your project, go to the platform : https://redtouch.croix-rouge.fr/

I speak Ukrainian and/or Russian and I want to help

Do you speak Ukrainian or Russian and want to help us welcome people fleeing Ukraine under the best possible conditions? We are looking for translators and interpreters!

Visit our website here

I am a trader and I want to help

Are you a manager of a grocery shop, shopping centre or restaurant and would like to donate food for people fleeing Ukraine?

You can contact charities near you, especially: French Red Cross, Restos du Cœur, Secours Populaire and Secours Catholique

Only non-perishable products sold at room temperature are accepted (pasta and rice, cakes and biscuits, canned fruit and vegetables, sterilised terrines and pâtés, UHT milk, etc.). 

It is not possible to donate refrigerated or frozen products due to the incapacity to maintain the cold chain.

Do you run a shop?

Become a retailer who stands in solidarity. If you wish to signal your solidarity, you can display “The Bell” (La Cloche) label on your shop window. The person in need will be able to identify your shop thanks to the cryptograms associated with the proposed offer: for example access to hygiene services, the offer of food products or chatting with people.