I need to translate a website that is in French

I’m using a smartphone

  • We advise you to use Google Chrome as a browser, which gives you the possibility to translate a whole web page into the language of your choice.
  • Open your Google Chrome application.
  • Launch the web page of your choice.
  • Click on the “…” and then on “Translate”. 
  • A notification from Google Translate appears in your browser and allows you to choose the language of translation and to translate the entire site. 

I’m using a computer 

Log on to Google Translate to translate an entire website. To do this, paste the website URL into the task bar and click on the blue arrow. The site then appears in a new window. 

I am looking for translation tools 

If you need to communicate in French urgently, here are some useful tools to keep in mind.

I want to learn French

If you arrive in Paris and want to learn basic French, you can refer to the courses offered by the Red Cross local chapters in the different arrondissements.

An online directory of thousands of social action schemes in many departments, the Soliguide website references facilities offering French courses.