Bank account access

With temporary protection, you can open a bank account in France.
Opening a bank account facilitates your life in France and your integration: it is essential to access the labor market, permanent housing, and your social rights.
By clicking on this link (in french), you will find all the necessary information put online by the Banque de France.
You will also find on this link all the answers to the most frequent questions concerning the impacts of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict on the realization of banking operations. Whether your questions concern your personal situation or the sanctions taken against Russia, the Banque de France provides you with a list of frequently asked questions to provide answers or to direct you to the appropriate contacts.
Finally, the association Finances & Pédagogie has set up an explanatory video in English with/without Ukrainian subtitles on how to manage a budget and create a bank account, as well as an information booklet for all refugees and migrants (translated in Ukrainian here).